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Information about Quuirk

How it works

How it works

1.Create an Account
2. Search available listings. 
3. Find your dates needed. 
4. Send Booking Request
5. Pay for first week or month. Certain listings require a refundable deposit. 

Renter Rules

1. Keep place clean as if it was your own.

2. Any damages will be deducted from your deposit.

3. Additional deposits may be required depending on length of stay.

4. Animals require deposits or permission from landlord/host.

5. Background checks will be conducted at any time.

6. ID is required or all check-ins. 

7. Even if you have paid online landlord/hosts has right to refuse if they choose too. 

8. Landlord/Host has right of entry to premise or inspection to minimize any damages or illegal activities when necessary.

9. No parties of 10 or more unless Landlord/Host approval. Any parties of guests without Landlord/Hosts permission will result in loss of deposit and/or additional charges.

10. All furniture or items for furnished places must not be removed from premises. You are responsible for damages and items. 

11. Receive all check-in instructions via instant message. 

Landlord/Host Rules.

1. Treat all guests/renters with respect.

2. No discrimination based on color, gender, religion.  

3. Furnished places require a list of items and prices. If you want to be reimbursed for damages or missing items please video and date pictures to support. 

4. Provide the place to rent as pictured.

5. Allow all renewals on platform. 

6. If room/house is rented, remove listing to prevent double bookings.